Unwind this Christmas with Your Family

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Unwind this Christmas with Your Family

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November is upon us, and the holidays are just around the corner! For many Quebec mums and families that means looking forward to days of family and feasting, but while everyone else enjoys themselves and relaxes, someone always seems to get stuck in the kitchen and catering to the needs of everyone else. With the help of your friendly team at Jardin Pro, we’d like to ensure this is a Christmas everyone gets to enjoy.

Over the past three years, Jardin Pro has been providing Sherbrooke and area with fabulous, local foods that are all made right here in our kitchen from real ingredients. Our delicious pies, stews, and everything have absolutely no preservatives, no msg, and no artificial flavours or colours. Just really good, real food for your family. So whether your want to make Christmas easier or just want to stock up until spring — Jardin Pro is officially closed from the beginning of December until the end of January — you need to get your orders in now!

Food Orders are Due November 15th!

Jardin Pro is bringing your family all of your Christmas favourites with none of the work. We have special meat pies that make your mouth taste like Christmas spices and our regular pies which are made with locally farmed pork and chicken with a hint of mushrooms. If you prefer to use your family’s secret recipe, we also have pie pastry, so you won’t need to spend hours cutting cold butter into flour. Our meatball stew is superb, and our $9.99 sugar pies are to die for.

At Jardin Pro, we have big families, so all our foods come in a large size. We want you to feel that you’re getting a good bang for your buck, and that everyone can have a generous portion.

Christmas and the days leading up to it are often spent in a frenzy of cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. There are presents to wrap, trees to decorate, and everything must look perfect for when your mother-in-law arrives. Let our chefs at Jardin Pro make your life easier. Our homemade food can be heated up and served as needed, so you’ll have time to accomplish everything else on your checklist.

Ready to go all winter without your favourite dessert pies, meat pies, and lasagnes from Jardin Pro? We didn’t think so! Order by November 15th, so you can stock up until spring. Our team will be on hand to make and distribute your orders December 9th & 16th only! Order your freshly-made, frozen foods from Jardin Pro today and benefit from our special: buy any 10 pies and get a sugar pie free! Review our menu, and call us today at 819-846-4898.